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    How you can play your game Empty How you can play your game

    Post by Guest on Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:48 pm

    This is from BR Centrum


    PnG: 40%
    Driving: 30%
    Expansive: 20%
    Creative: 10%

    Safeway involves weighting the attacking structures based on their
    inherent risk levels. i.e. conducting the safest attacks the most and
    the riskiest attacks the least.
    This can be adapted to increase the influence of either forwards or
    backs whilst keeping the decreasing percentages in order of risk. For
    instance, back-influenced safeway may look something like:
    PnG: 37%, Driving: 28%, Expansive: 22%, Creative: 13%

    Inverse (I-)Safeway

    PnG: 10%
    Driving: 20%
    Expansive: 30%
    Creative: 40%

    The opposite of the safeway tactic. I-Safeway is weighted heavily
    towards the riskiest plays. Such a tactic would increase the variance of
    the results - and thus may be useful if you are an extreme underdog.
    Once again, forward-influenced I-Safeway may look something like: PnG:
    13%, Driving: 22%, Expansive: 28%, Creative: 37%, whilst a
    backs-dominated I-Safeway would push expansive+creative to beyond 70%.
    [Clarification]: By increasing the variance of the results, it is meant
    that (for example), instead of having a 100% chance of losing
    your game by 20, you would have a 10% chance of winning by 5, and a 90%
    chance of losing by 40+.

    Back button

    PnG: 15%
    Driving: 24%
    Expansive: 35%
    Creative: 26%

    A general back-dominated play that will get your 9-15's involved in most
    plays, yet still including a driving component for forwards to keep


    PnG: 32%
    Driving: 21%
    Expansive: 15%
    Creative: 32%

    Gas-panic combines a high percentage of high-risk plays (creative) with a
    high percentage of ultra-safe plays (PnG). A play of 32% represents a
    10% chance of repeating the same play twice in a row, something which
    should probably be kept to a minimum, especially with the creative

    A note on kicking

    Think of kicking for touch as a gain of 20-50 metres in return for a
    dice-roll between the locks for who will get the ball back. What
    percentage of your plays would you like to take this chance?
    Obviously you would have to be very confident in your lineout to kick
    70% or more of time, as you will not get very far kicking the ball
    straight back to the opposition every time you regain it. In saying
    that, if your lineout is considerably stronger than your opponents, in
    general, the rest of your team will be aswell and this raises the point
    that you may be better off with running one expansive play.
    A high kicking game is recommended when the relative difference between
    your and your opponent's lineout (locks, lifters, etc.) is greater than
    the difference between the remaining players (the backs, for instance).
    Obviously this is not exactly easy to determine, but the key point is
    that kicking (and your other tactics) should be based around the strengths
    of your team, the positions where your key players play, and the
    weaknesses of your opponent. There is no one size fits all level
    for kicking and tactics.
    If in doubt, a kick for touch level of
    around 30-35% will provide enough in-game feedback and insight for you
    to determine if this level as appropriate for your lineout and opponent.

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