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    BR Terms and Abbreviations Empty BR Terms and Abbreviations

    Post by Woko on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:23 pm

    Here is a list of abbreviations you will come across here and on BR!

    IGT - In Game Training
    WNWIM - With Next Week In Mind
    LTNT - Like Theres No Tomorrow
    BTB - By The Book
    PM - Private Message
    NT - National Team
    POP - The BR term for an increase in skill
    PLOP - The BR term for a decrease in skill
    PNG - Pick and Go (from the tactics page in BR)
    TM - Transfer Market
    TSP - Total Skill Points (all skills added together)
    CSR - Complete Skill Rating (combined rating of the skills a player has, judged by BR)
    YA - Youth Academy

    If you have any others or maybe some you are not sure of, then PM me and ill post them here!

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