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    Post by Guest on Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:41 am

    Hello all. Am a new poster and would like your thoughts on a few things. Have been on BR for a while now and want to push my team to the next level.

    Am committed to the welsh cause and want to be more involved with u20 player development in the coming seasons. I have level 3 staff and youth academy and starting to see a massive difference to the players i am producing.

    What level of scouting stars would you select for scouting a player? i usually go for 30/40 but will you see a massive difference with 80 stars and is that how you get massive csr players at age 16 and 17?

    I have developed a second row from my academy who is currently 32,000 csr at age 17 and developing fast. I believe in another season or so and a few more skill pops, he will be worth quite a bit. Say a 50,000 csr age 18/19 second row, have seen them go for a few million at times. Should i use this player and others like him that i am developing to make cash or should i keep him in my ranks as they will develop quick?

    If anyone got any suggestions on youth development and how i can get to the point where i am developing high csr u20 players, i am all ears.

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    Youth Training and U20 Development Empty Re: Youth Training and U20 Development

    Post by newgalesurf on Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:53 am

    30/40 stars is fine. 10 sessions per week for the term of an U20 development cycle is the only way to reach high CSR.

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