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    Season 14 U20 training plan


    Season 14 U20 training plan Empty Season 14 U20 training plan

    Post by Guest on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:31 pm

    The start of Season 11 sees the first prospects eligible for the Season 14 U20 World Cup.

    For those looking to promote from within

    Take a look through your Youth Academy and scout through your players list for players aged 16 who have a birthday before week 8 of the season. Ideally they need to have been scouted with more than 10 stars.

    On the week of their birthday
    If their Birthday is day 1 - Promote them and play them in your monday friendly.

    If their Birthday is day 2 - Promote them on day 2 but BEFORE 9:30am so that they can get senior training(10 sessions a week is the minimum to make it into the U20 squad)

    If their Birthday is day 3 to day 7 - Promote them on the Sunday after the Youth game. This way they also benefit from thursdays YA training and also Sundays in game training.

    For those looking to buy a player

    It is vital that we keep the best players in Wales. You might have to pay over the odds initially, but its worth remembering that by the time the Season 14 U20 World Cup has finished your player will be worth a minimum of $1,000,000.

    Look for the key attributes!! Don't waste money on a player who lacks in a key skill. Generally anything under 5 will require too many sessions to be worthwhile training.

    CSR - Players will need to have around 15k CSR in the early weeks of the season to be worth training. The only major exceptions to this are players above 120kg or players with a height of 202cm+.

    Positions Guide

    Whether buying or training from within, these are the key skills that your player will need to have to begin with.

    Props - Strength, Technique and Stamina are key skills here. Also, they must weigh over 120kg and ideally under 195cm in height. Heavier weight plays a big part.

    Hooker - Handling, Technique, Stamina and Strength are the Key skills a hooker needs. Ideally they will weigh over 110kg and be under 190cm

    Locks - Jumping, Strength, Handling and Stamina are the Key Skills for a lock. At a minimum they need to be 201cm. A heavier weight is a bonus for locks as the bulk of pushing in scrums is done by them.

    Flankers - Technique, Defence, Strength and Stamina are the Key skills, although handling, speed, attack and agility all need to be high.

    8 - As above, but with a bigger emphasis on Strength and attack.

    Backs - All backs with need Stamina, Attack, Handling, Defence, Speed, Agility.

    Each position will also need specific training. Eg, kicking for flyhalf, fullback and scrumhalf. Technique for scrumhalf, strength for centres.

    If in doubt msg me on BR and I will be able to help. Please don't post players in this section as they will be available to everyone, including foreign managers.

    Matches and IGT

    This season sees a new change, which allows players to gain 100% training, despite being injured. Therefore, your players are now free to play as often as you physically can.

    My advice would be to not play your masterplan player in LTNT matches, but to play them in every other league match.

    Monday friendlies do not cause long term injuries, so your prospect should also play every monday friendly.
    I would advise playing your prospect out of position as they are likely to gain more IGT from this. Look at your opponents recent fixtures and then play your prospect in the position that their best player plays in.


    10 sessions are needed to make the Welsh Squad, with a minimum of level 3 facilities and coaches.

    Stamina is key to training a prospect. If you haven't already, gradually build up your fitness coach as low stamina will affect selection for the U20s.

    A minimum of Level 13 Stamina should be used a guide for your players skill as a 20 yr old. If its good enough for the Irish, then its good enough for us.

    We have a lot of very experienced Welsh managers on the offsite who will be able to offer you help and guidance with training. Post your player in the masterplan section(available to long term Welsh managers) and training advice will shortly follow, or send me a BR msg.

    Finally, prizes for training players.

    Most improved player by % each month(for the first 2 seasons) - not including the first 4 weeks of this season and the player must have participated in atleast 4 training sessions to be eligible!!!

    First player to 50k csr - will need screenshot to prove he hasn't jsut been blitzed in one skill.

    Each manager who trains 2 players on 10 sessions at level 3 or above for 2 whole seasons.(both players must be bought or promoted before week 7 of season 11 and must remain within the top 40 masterplan players for the whole 2 seasons, so no slacking tongue )

    Note:The rewards are only available to Welsh managers unless otherwise agreed by me(send me a br msg to let me know if your a foreign manager who is training a Welshie).
    Prizes will consist of either 1x player name change, or 1x months premium membership paid for by myself. Limited to one prize award per manager.
    This will cost me a minimum of £40 over 2 seasons, so if prices of player name chances or 1 months premium alter from their current £4.88/£3.91 then I will have to reconsider the prizes or offer an alternative.

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    Season 14 U20 training plan Empty Re: Season 14 U20 training plan

    Post by Guest on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:45 pm

    If I've missed anything off, or theres something which could be added just post below.

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    Season 14 U20 training plan Empty Re: Season 14 U20 training plan

    Post by Woko on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:51 pm

    Very generous of you Wilf and a great incentive to get players trained!!!

    One thing people should remember is with Day 1 birthday - don't promote on the Tuesday as per normal but wait until the Monday after (which is technically day 1 of the next week) and promote so the player can get IGT in the Monday friendlies - it's an age old anomaly that a lot of people regard Tuesdays as Day 1 because it's when finances get processed, you are able to promote, training occurs etc. ITS NOT Smile

    Season 14 U20 training plan Empty Re: Season 14 U20 training plan

    Post by Guest on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:34 pm

    Basically your saying that if you have a player with a D1 bday, don't promote someone after tues the week before so you have the slot free to promote on the following monday.

    Is that right? It does make sense as you get mondays friendly and the chance to ask about training.

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    Season 14 U20 training plan Empty Re: Season 14 U20 training plan

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